Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 2: Friends of mine

(listen to song).

It was a misty morning in the Turtle parking lot in the Mohegan Sun casino. The eerie fog slowly lifted, revealing the bold, square silhouettes of the other RVs in the lot, as I scratch my eyes and lazily sit at the wheel and take a sip of my AriZona Peach Tea. Turn the key, glow and go. I descend the hill where the parking lot sits, admiring the hulking form of the casino, the vast lake next to it, and some scarce, probably abandoned factory buildings spread by the other shore.

The drive to Wethersfield was uneventful. A little annoying because my SLS, despite finally having tackled the valve issue, was out of adjustment, high like an offroader. Wethersfield is a beautiful town tucked next to the highway, accessed only by a narrow road surrounded by lush vegetation. The main street is crammed with beautiful historic houses and other brick constructions, including the seeds business where I would meet B, SwampYankee. Many people have started to dabble into organic farming in their backyards, B told me. A good solution in a time of crisis.

A strong, confident handshake sent me on my way to Chad300td. The SLS, still bothering me. The arrival to his house was both equally confusing and scenic. All I had was a phone number, while idling in a manicured cul-de-sac. But the reply was immediate.

I was not only greeted by Chad, but also by his wife, son and daughter, who had drawn a six-eyed alien to welcome me! Great conversation, followed by great food, followed by even greater conversation and minor troubleshooting for my cluster lights. Back in his office, I have pulled my laptop and to all of you I say, good night!

A silly little trailer allows its occupant to wake up to something like this.

The Mohegan Sun casino, crystallized in the morning.

Beautiful Wethersfield!

I can only do this much with one hand at the steering wheel!

You should seriously consider stopping by and setting up a garden!

SwampYankee, in his natural environment!

The lush path to Tappan Zee on CT-15.

Tappan Zee. "Life is Worth Living", says a sign before the bridge. Yikes!

The beautiful cloudscape on my way to Chad's.

Welcome to a neighborhood of car buffs!

Scenic cul-de-sac.

The USS Newport-Scotty, awaiting to be parked.

A six-eyed alien welcomes me to a family of artists!

The man himself! Ladies and gentlemen, Chad!

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