Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 8: Sliced Calzones

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From the Florida welcome center I zoomed through long tracts of highway on to AquaticEdge's home, with the slight taste of fear in my mouth, given his energetic warning about the policemen in the area. No worries, I am a granny at the wheel.

The rest of the day was simply wonderful. Lots of talk about Mercedes, followed by my first visit to a Pick'n'Pull. First things said, their prices are incredible, despite not having a terrible amount of Mercedes. There were some good finds, like a VW Type 3 hatchback and a 450SEL with beautiful door panels, as well as some Japanese rarities.

On the way back our conversation got into deeper matters, followed by a walk in the beautiful parks surrounding AE's property, with quiet, placid bodies of water and weeping trees. I charged my battery and moved on to dinner at a local Italian restaurant, were we had a Salami Sub and a Ham Calzone, both excellent.

What can I say? Meeting with AE was everything one would expect out of a micro-GTG. Conversations starting with automobiles, soon moving to deeper aspects of life, with random turns (Weebl, anyone?) and significant social relevance. All in an afternoon, folks!

I kept driving, to boldly go where no W123 has gone before. I just drove through Panama City, a small-scale city of excess with Hummers and blonde, scantily clad women accompanying muscular dudes who happened to walk in the same, gorilla-like, arms-towards-body pose.

Thanks to McDonald's once again, for the patience of their employees, who have let me stay late in their restaurant leeching their electricity and wifi.

Good night to you all!

Taking a rest at the Florida Welcome Center.

The Welcome Center itself. Did I mention Florida clouds are amazing?

Infinite, straight roads on this flat, flat lands.

Ceci L'AquaticEdge. J'aime sa voiture!

Epic Pic and Pull. Very cheap prices, too!

MG Midget... oh, sinful!

A rare bird, not too far gone.

"Slammed truck", flying emblem of idiocy worldwide.

The environs of the AquaticEdge castle.

What a shrine of peace!

"As long as you don't bother the alligators..."

These were the grounds of an old plantation.

A quick stop before saying goodbye.

Can it get more Florida than this?

I finished the Calzone before I realized I had to take a picture.

On the way down South to Panama City.

Old, new, facelifted. Three generations, one driveway.

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  1. Wow, what a find with that massive car pic and pull. Now I can't wait to go on a road trip too! I'm so inspired at how your trip is themed on the things you love and meeting people who share your interests in all parts of the country.
    Your trailer is hilarious. I'm going to have the same setup when I move back home, except it's a u-haul trailer.
    What are they growing on the waters in that farm?