Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 13: Spanish Cowboy in the Junkyard

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There is nothing like a cold shower when half of your body is itchy and swollen. So far, I have been bitten by mosquitoes, ivy plants and fire ants. I really hope I can exclude scorpions, snakes and spiders from this list.

The first thing Jody and I did that morning did was to grab my battery and head on to Decatur. We had breakfast in a small, quaint diner in an old gas station made out of petrified wood. Then, we drove downtown, home to the town's beautiful granite courthouse, a solitary, gorgeous architectural landmark in the plains of North Texas. Decatur is about an hour away from Fort Worth, and it boasts the lost essence of small town America with the vitality and optimism of a young kid. Jody showed me his office in a 1930s post office, much of which has been restored to preserve the original details. Simple, yet immensely tasteful.

We tested the battery, which was flat, and out of concern, we took a look at the alternator for good measure, but we failed to inspect it due to a ridiculously inaccessible screw. We resolved to part momentarily: Jody to work, and Newport to a doctor. My first stop was the overly luxurious Mercedes Dealership in Bedford, TX, where I bought an OEM battery for $4 more than an aftermarket one. Feels good to know Mercedes is aware that people still love this cars.

Much to my surprise, I found a reputable indy mechanic (Zim's Autotechnik) next to the dealership, where in 2.5 hours got my charging issue, battery and cluster light issues resolved at half the price. The people there were very friendly –the secretary himself owns a 300D– and offered me sodas in several occasions while I waited.

Back on Route 287 North, I headed where Jody had gone, a mysterious junkyard owned by a jolly, talkative man. Many of the cars have been pray to rust or bad pullers, or were mostly empty; however, despite not being able to get a nice Euro bumper for Jody, we reaped a few hubcaps, a W114 headlight, a few pictures and great memories.

Jody and I then drove to McDonald's and yes, ladies and gentlemen, I ate there. Ten piece nuggets with BBQ sauce. To repent for my sin, I accompanied Jody's family to church, were we sang some soulful hymns and listened to a rather energetic and humorous pastor. All was good.

A quick note aside, I am surprised how much more interactive churches are in America, and how much more they accommodate to their parishioners. That, and the fact that today's pastor was a married man.

Back in the ranch, and back in McDonald's, I write to you, dear world. I am impressed about the rising popularity of this topic, and my identical travelogue on blogspot. Thank you all for your loyal following, and for making me feel like a rockstar –despite YOU being the ones who rock.

Now, tomorrow will be the day I will lock the route westward. Wish me (and poor Newport) luck in this long, PeachParts-less stretch.

I woke up this morning and I felt like a true cowboy.

The expansive and modern installations in the ranch.

Yet another landscape to die for.

Please don't bite me. I had enough.

This gas station left me... petrified. YEAAAAAH.

Decatur courthouse, made out of SOLID granite.

Justice has, and will take place here. Taking a break right now.

The local museum, another stunning stone mansion.

I stared at these for a long, long time.

Cursing like a trucker on the highway.

The road to beautiful Decatur.

...yet another adventure starts.

Hmmm... I wonder what I can find here...!

...and yet more WOW!

Follow that Silverado to... INFINITY!

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