Monday, June 20, 2011

One big Thank You

To my family, for the support and love that have taken me way beyond the ocean.

To Bree, for brightening my life with her knowledge, idealism and kindness. And for starting the best two-people party... in the world. You are exceptional in every aspect, my dear Lucille Ball! I am certain life shall only give to you from now on.

To Alex Finis, for –despite your usual jackass attitude– thinking of me and getting my friends together to buy that monumental case of AriZona tea, my favourite.

To Bryan Papciak and Amy Kravitz, for their infinite patience and invaluable guidance at RISD, as well as their blessings to start the road trip early.

To Roy and Phil, for the tedious task of starting, maintaining and improving the PeachParts shop forum –without you two, this adventure could not be possible.

To Eddie Oates, one of the single most influential people in my life. Not because of what he did, but because of the way he irradiated happiness doing his own thing.

To Jim Grundy, for your father-like friendship and guidance, not only with my Mercedes, but with my future decisions. You are fondly remembered; one day I will return, put the RyanSTK together and put it to fly once again.

To Roger Robitaille, for inspiring me to buy my wagon and almost three years of great moments together. When the bees get to sleep in the winter and there is nothing else to do, come over to San Francisco!

To Billybob, for the great conversation we had at that sandwich joint and the trailer hitch that really forged the personality and attitude of this trip.

To Randy Hart, professional trailer restorer, who, from the ashes he forged the tiny little weird vessel for this spiritual journey in the depths of Eastern Pennsylvania.

To droponosky, for giving me faith that there is life after RISD and extreme life changes are compatible with an art education. And for that driver's window switch that replaced the one that had gone bad on my car the day before!

To Ziming Shen, not only for the best views of Manhattan, but for the great times trying to dodge the Yellow Sharks and Papaya dogs. One day you shall find the perfect Pagoda 280SL, my friend.

To Hattie, Fulcrum, SolidSnake and dbtk for a fantastic start for the road trip, and amazing me with your knowledge of guns. Wow. And also wow for that pristine 300SDL with French Euro lights... worth drooling over. Solidsnake, that bottle of hydraulic fluid has been very much appreciated!

To SwampYankee; first, for having me drive into the tucked-away secret that Wethersfield is, and showing me one of the coolest seed shops I have ever witnessed. Now, I know who I am going to buy from when I grow a garden!

To Jgranzier, even though I could not stop by, I am very thankful that you offered me to stay! Someday, and the same applies to you here in SF!

To Chad300TD, his wife and kids; for hosting me, for the alien with bear ears, and for one of the best conversations in the entire trip. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

To Jim-Meredith (ramonajim), her father and the in-house zoo, for the fantastic drive into Frederick in Gustav, and almost convincing me to end the trip right there; for hosting me and allowing me to adjust my suspension, and for the best vegetarian food ever!

To Dee8go and Mistress, for a fantastic time and burguer in Arlington, seasoned with spicy conversation. I really wish I could have stayed a little longer!

To BenHogan, for his tales of land-mowers, showing me his 190D Turbo (never, never, never sell it!) and some ridiculously good BBQ pork.

To engatwork, for showing me that it's never to late to choose happiness in life by doing one's favourite work; for dinner and showing me around the property... good luck with the shop and the camper site, it's a perfect location!

To Sharon, who is the first living example I have met who demonstrated that it is perfectly feasible to live life on the go.

To AquaticEdge, for everything from the junkyard dive to the meditative conversation by the lake. Man, your neighborhood is THE place for a GTG!!

To GatorBlue92, even though we could not meet. Good luck with the newborns, the day they come!

To TX6513, for being an utter, absolute gentleman. For the Jackaroo, the license plate, dinner and proving me wrong in that the fastest drawer always wins out West.

To H-townbenzoboy, along with my most profuse apologies for forgetting my phone and not being able to meet. Yikes!

To Halman2228, for hosting me, and some of the best TX BBQ ever at the tune of the CatDog theme!

To R_Leo, I cannot thank you enough. For the tour around the farm, for showing me the rarest 240D I have ever seen, and letting me try the best brisket of my life.

To Gear-Head, for showing up at the DFW meetup while in Texas. It was a pleasure meeting you... and hope your hydraulics are better now!

To Panzzer, for everything, really. For letting me camp around the neighborhood and showing me your collection, taking me on a junkyard tour for a decent Euro bumper and recommending me that place in Decatur... it was truly stunning!

To Doublejody and his family, for your impressive hospitality. Your actions speak very well of yourself and Decatur; if everyone in town is just as kind as you, businesses will flock in such large numbers that you will have to put them on a waiting list! And yes, you were right about that alternator!

To David (NRS Ranch), for letting me stay while Newport was sick. I would love to return to see a real roping tournament!

To ROLLGUY and his wife, for letting me stay in one of the coolest houses ever conceived, showing me the marvels of player grand pianos, for introducing me to your friends, taking me to that wonderful church and the few things we had to do to Newport to get to SF safely.

To Jim_B, for being one of the most loyal PP members along this trip, going all the way to the Valley to introduce me to Enrique and driving all the way North to commemorate the trip's end. We shall meet again, my friend.

To VWNate, for how insanely cool you are. And for that burguer. Man, if I lived in LA I would be most honored to learn from you.

To dieselchatter, for showing up to the meetup and presenting us with the cleanest 190D Turbo I have ever seen, period.

To the Cohens, for scaring them with a suspicious mini-Scotty in their driveway.

To the Moonies, for hosting me in this big moment of uncertainty, and the great times together, full of jokes and miscellaneous animals.

To Prez808, 240_Benz, Gregs210, DieselKraut and Lawrence, for welcoming me to the Bay Area in the shop. We shall see each other soon!

To Shawn at The Workshop MB, for hosting us, diesel nuts... I hope business gets better as the economy recovers! With your passion, that should not be a problem.

To Chris at West Coast Auto Craft, for letting me give your shop a try and have a great time amongst a sea of Yank Tanks.

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  1. Hey, I was there at the shop to welcome you that day too. My name in BenzWorld is 1980-300D(bio) and I was looking for you there today at the MB workshop... I thought you worked there, I needed some TLC for my car. Anyways, I would love to share some stories and a beer sometime I know awesome places around here, and I'm sure my friends are going to enjoy your company.
    Write me a line, I want to gather some w123 'ownerds' in a lil bbq soon. Cheers!