Saturday, August 13, 2011

Life is good!

Today I mostly stayed at home. Simple day plan... a lot of sleep, some reading, some homecookin' and a good film, The King and I. However, when the movie was done, I looked outside the window to the eucalyptus trees, and realized the temperature was perfect, and that the sun was, in a very California fashion, bathing everything in gold. So, in a sudden attack of gorging inspiration, I went down to the local Frozen Yogurt place, and, instead of sneaking in the back and stealing their WiFi, I bought myself a cup of yogurt and enjoyed the warm Woodside breeze.

Here I am, sitting next to Newport, lounging in the sunset. I feel incredibly happy and relaxed... life cannot but get better. I have my future in the palm of my hand, and the more people I meet, the more people I talk to, open new exciting possibilities. I am thankful for Newport, and, as much as I like the Pagodas and the P1800, I would not drive anything else. This is the perfect car, the battleship for the voyage to the stars. I want to drive Newport and maintain it to the end of time... I have learned so much at its wheel, contrasted the parallels between mechanics and life, seen and bathed in the American landscape. I shall be faithful to it and, if the day ever comes many decades from now, I shall have it die in my arms like a fellow soldier, or a loving wife. I dread the moment when, because of an unaware driver, Newport will give its life to save mine.

I am meeting some interesting characters in the upscale car industry, including two vintage Mercedes salesmen. One day I would like to maintain a lifestyle that would involve traveling around (documented here, naturally), searching for old cars and reviving them to their glory. I now know someone who does that for a living, but from his office chair. I do want to circle the country several times, to even go abroad in a quest for four-wheeled beauty. One day, one day... but, at the pace I am going at, sooner than I think.

Enough for now. Here are some pictures of the workshop I am currently at, including some of the cars I have gotten my hands on!

American: 1957 El Dorado Biarritz, a 1949 Jeepster... and a stingray!

Play of numbers: a 500... and a 600.

These XK's are a pain to work on, seriously. NEVER get one.

Servicing the new ones! The blue racecar in the back is a Bristol.

View from the shop's mezzanine.

I take these cars out every day. I personally love the W111.

Materials! Materials! Materials!

The restorer's corner... a beauty to behold.

1941 Cadillac Lasalle... and the P1800 I have a crush on.

Tools of the trade. Hazet and Snap-On, naturally.

Beauty shot... I will start moving this poor 220D soon.

This is what I call... relief. This shelf makes everything make sense.

Our waiting room... nicely decorated!

The "fast moving" parts section.

White 280SL and... a Fiat 2300S Coupe. Gorgeous!

Oh, wait... what do we have here?!

I did help put the engine on this one. What an honor.

Ready to fly!

What I am most bummed about:

1) It is actually freezing cold now, and I am sitting outside. Mark Twain said that "the coldest winter he had ever spent was a Summer in San Francisco"... now I know what he means. Sun's out, heat's out.

2) I left the camera home when we had to service a black 300SL and a long-wheelbase, one-owner 600. Aaaah!