Friday, September 2, 2011

Questions, and further travel

I sit here, in my quiet cabin, thinking on the many exciting adventures that await. I managed to finally wire my radio, and add a neat MP3 outlet to where the speaker balance switch belongs, neatly trimmed and fitted. Thank you, Chad, for the inspiration for this project. I tested this radio (a Becker 1480) today, and what was going to originally be a grocery run turned into a highly musical, spontaneous cruise in the woods towards the sunset.

Life is taking an interesting shape. While I feel day-to-day routine is slowly numbing me, and taking most of my useable time, I still want to keep my possibilities open. Perhaps I will not work in a shop forever, but I definitely cannot consider myself complete without this skill.
I am beginning to think of what possibilities will enable me to live a life of travel and writing. You are most welcome to provide suggestions on keeping it sustainable, and in what aspects you think my writing could improve: what it lacks, what you feel is missing. So, please pitch in!

Other than that, there are two upcoming trips you will certainly enjoy. One of them is to my native Europe, where, as well as visiting the family, I will drive in my mother's Jeep in search for car parts and enlightenment. The other one will be Argentina, where I will be a translator for a friend of mine. I do not have the money to ship Newport to any of these two places, but the potential of these two adventures looks very, very promising. The dates should be at the turn of the year, around December-January. A lot of good writing should come out of this!

As I said, pitch in! I need advice more than ever!

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