Monday, July 16, 2012

From both sides of the World

This week has been very productive in terms of editing. Episode 1 of Open Roads is almost finished and I have gathered $600 in my Indiegogo project. I have also secured the opportunity to transport a Mercedes E-Class from Pennsylvania for a little bit of money, so I am slowly gathering the green!

In the last post I described how I had had a mass mailing to several VIP's around the globe. Well, this week I have two replies to share with you, belonging to the studios of two of my heroes: Peter Jackson and Ewan McGregor. Let's start with an email...

Probably one of the warmest fan responses I have ever seen! This email came all the way from New Zealand.

And now, here's a letter that I found in my inbox today, coming from Scotland. Ewan McGregor has been very inspirational, especially in his "Long Way" series, where he travels all over the world in a motorcycle with his childhood buddy. The series was never too popular in the US, but I managed to catch it airing late at night in some obscure Spanish channel... a must watch for any travel fanatics!

Answer from Ewan McGregor's agent, but an encouraging one nevertheless.

The time is getting closer by the minute, with only one month to depart Kansas! I am thinking about the many blessings I have had these last five years, but that's a whole other post!

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