Mark Mooney - Web designer, photographer, social media guru and exceptional human being.
Bree Westphal - Multi-talented illustrator with a focus in games, and best buddy.
Alex Finis - This is what happens when you give a pen and ink to the Phantom of the Opera.
Yoshi Yoshitani - Illustrator by trade, heart and instruction, RISD 2011 graduate.
Liz Mooney - Illustrator,  fashionista, photographer and keen eye on reality.
Jessica Daly - Graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, writer and marvelous singer.
Tammy Kim -  Amazing toy sculptor, remarkable person and overall bubbly lady!

Jurgen the "Saharagelber" - My idol for countless years, expert Mercedes 300TD overlander.
Central America Overland Expeditions - Bernard and Scott, makers of the coolest company yet!
Life Remotely - One of the most comprehensive, well structure sites on PanAm travel.
Around the World in 800 Days - The adventures of Emma and Any in a Toyota Hilux!
Ruined Adventures - Brenton and Shannon on their way from Austin to Argentina.
Drive Nacho Drive - The PanAmerican highway with Brad and Sheena, in a '84 VW Vanagon.
Drive to South America - The story of a brave guy and his Mercedes diesel down the continent.
Home on the Highway - James and Lauren in their 87 Toyota 4Runner go PanAmerican!
Landcruising Adventures - Or how a 40-year-old Toyota FJ40 is a capable world vehicle.

PeachParts Shop Forum - Absolutely fantastic community of Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts.
Bring a Trailer - A collection of automotive rarities you can purchase in the Unites States.
Mint2Me - A fun, select roster of unique automobiles for sale. Like BaT, with a sense of humor.
Burlingame Motors - Veteran shop specialized in service and restoration of classic and exotics.
Mercedes Heritage - Led by Roy Spencer, a comprehensive website about everything Mercedes.
The Workshop MB - Mechanical shop in Oakland, CA, specializing in modern Mercedes.
MB Vintage Cars - Classic car dealer with a select variety of European cars.
Ad Astra Automotive - Tyler Hoover's one-man dealership, specializing on cool imports.  
Caristas - Your most complete resource on the classic cars of Cuba.
Cars Yeah! Automotive Directory - Fantastic compilation of key industry people. 
Bosch service centers - Find a reliable mechanic anywhere in the world!

Drive the Americas - All you would ever want to know about the Panamerican Highway.
Expedition Portal - One of the most comprehensive overlanding communities on the net. 
Open Street Maps - Open-source worldwide maps! Select the territory and load on to your Garmin!
Trip Advisor - The holy grail of travel sites. Excellent resource for finding hotels. 
Volunteer South America - Comprehensive list of organizations to volunteer in the Americas.
World Nomads - Just about the handiest travel insurance I have found on the internet.
HostelWorld - The granddaddy of all cheap hostel websites. A must for the traveler!

Kickstarter - Medicis of our time! A website to pitch and fund any kind of creative endeavor.
Indiegogo - An even better type of fundraiser platform, not only artistic/creative.
Man vs. Debt - A series of invaluable financial advice for day-to-day living. 
Mint dot com - The most colorful, organized and comprehensive was of arranging your financials.
Udacity  and Coursera are two fantastic websites for free online classes!
Sketchfab has a wide variety of live-preview 3D scans. Talk about futuristic!